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With over 25 years of experience in the Pet, Feed, and Zoological industries BioForge Labs, Inc. offers an unsurpassed wealth of knowledge to our customers. We specialize in the research, development, and manufacturing of premium products for zoo, laboratory, aquaculture, feeder insect and companion animals.

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BioForge Labs, Inc. was founded by an Organismal Biologist/Herpetologist. Research and development is not only the core of our company it is our passion!


Our Biological background and state of the art manufacturing process offers a competitive edge that other manufacturers simply cannot match.

Because we make everything on site, we can guarantee the integrity of our products. BioForge Labs is leading the future with innovative thinking, high standards of excellence, and a broad knowledge base that stems from the founder of the company.




We are currently accepting new client applications for 2022.

We only plan to onboard 15 new clients during 2022 in order to ensure we can exceed expectations and maintain a stellar client experience.


BioForge Labs, Inc. can take your idea or project and make it a reality.  We have developed products for clients that have had nowhere else to turn. 


Get answers to your questions here!

  • What is the fee structure for new product development?
    Since we are a custom manufacture, each project is unique, and each project has a different fee structure.
  • Do you have a minimum order?
    Yes it varies on each custom product we manufacture.
  • Do you use any medications in your products?
    No. We are a medication free facility.
  • I have a product idea but do not know where to start, can you help me?"
    Yes, this is our specialty please contact us. We can help with the developing, manufacturing, packaging, and business needs.
  • Do you have stock products? Can I get a pricelist?
    We do not have stock products or pricelist. We only do customer manufacturing.
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